Updated on May 26, 2020 – 5pm Paris time

The priority of APG Airlines is to insure the Health and Safety of its clients and employees. Due to the last government’s measures, APG Airlines is gradualy starting its operations on Toulouse-Lorient on June 3rd 2020. In the order to help you best adapt your journey, we have decided to change the fare rules as follow.

 APG Airlines informs you that in accordance with international regulations, a protective mask must be worn during the flight. The protecive mask will not be provided by the Airlines. The passenger will have to carry a certificate with a statement of honor confirming not having any flagrant symptoms of COVID 19 and in case of a suspicion during the flight the passenger will have to give the airline all its information to be easily contacted and located.  

(plese refer to article 5.13 of the General Condition of Carriage)


 Plan your trip

You still can book your tickets for your journeys starting on June 3rd , 2020. For all booking made before the 31st of May 2020, you will have the possibility to change the date of your flights until the 31st of October 2020 without penalties (first flight must be scheduled before the 31 st of October 2020).


Change your dates

You already have a ticket for a flight before the 31st of May 2020? You can change the date without penalties until the December 18th of 2020 included. To exchange your ticket, please contact our team by email at reservations@apg-airlines.com with the reference of your booking and/or your ticket number. (first flight must be scheduled before the 18th of Decemberv2020).


The whole APG Airlines’ Team is doing its best to assist you as soon as possible.

Please click here to access COVID 19 measures and recommandations